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Virtual Captivation Cinema brings you the latest technology in dynamic, multi-dimensional, short movie ride entertainment, suitable for both children and adults.

With Virtual Captivation Virtual Reality(VR) Movie Ride, you will enjoy a whole new experience of watching short length movie rides (3 to 7 minutes in length). Virtual Reality Movie Ride Simulators are seats placed on a dynamic platform. Movies are watched using a 3D Virtual Reality glass and the dynamic platform provides different motions associated in the movies to give the viewers more realistic feelings of being IN the movie.
With this latest cutting edge entertainment technology, you will be a part of the thrilling action of your selected movie ride whilst you are safely buckled up in the enhanced simulator seats. The 3D Virtual Reality vision, seat movement, the surround sound effect and other environmental effects will guarantee that you will FEEL what you see.

Our VR movies are created especially to create many distinctive visual and environmental effects to maximize your experience and enjoyment.